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About Us

About Us

Logical Biology is an e-learning community for students and professional biologists. We are biology enthusiasts who are highly dedicated to provide biological concepts in the form of comics. We are trying to explain complex and confusing topics of life science conceptual facts in an easy and interesting way. We also provide the latest online video courses and interesting blogs on multiple topics of life sciences. We also organize interesting workshops and seminars from leading scientists around the globe.

“Imagination is your limitation”


The Logical Biology Initiative will assist the students and scholars of life sciences in improving their pool of knowledge by understanding the concepts through an interactive and collaborative platform that supports the community. We want to create an army of young minds who can understand and troubleshoot the problems of 21st century by interdisciplinary collaboration.


We are at Logical Biology are committed to a vision in which our educational platform is the best place to learn the concepts of life sciences in the most logical way possible!

Director Profile

Dr. Nishant Vyas

Postdoc in the field of stem cell biology, PhD. in Tumor immunology. M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences with specialization in molecular oncology, cell biology, Immunology and human genetics. Vast works experience in the field of stem cell research, Immunology. He also provide technical solutions as well as skill courses to the students. 9 years of hands-on experience on multi color flowcytometry with specialization in cancer biology and cell biology.

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